Shooting a Star Simulator 2014

Note: I meant to say that writing is a form of magic but… this is how it turned out. I’m so sorry.


Move your hand gently, forward, nice!

Position it above any writing tool you can find

Pick it up, hold it comfortably, not too tight

Now, a paper’s already on the desk so you’re alright

Just… make a scratch and write a letter

Two letters, three, until they form a word

What is the word?




Cause do you even magic brah?

No, not Wingardium Leviosa

It’s another spell, don’t worry you’ll find it

Cause you’re a wizard Harry!


Oh no…


Is… is this some kind of witchcraft?!








This should’ve been called Magic Simulator 2014


13 thoughts on “Shooting a Star Simulator 2014”

      1. You’re welcome! Sometimes I write my essays like that–I’m stuck, so then I just start being silly. Sometimes I can actually use the resulting material, believe it or not.

      2. More proof of your super creativity! ^^
        Sometimes I think a dumb idea is a great idea of its own. It’s still one single idea, so why not use it so that it won’t be wasted?

      3. But I’m not that creative…

        That reminds me of a movie I saw recently. All the other characters are building a submarine, but one character builds a double decker couch, which is what saves their lives when the submarine explodes. All ideas are worthy, I guess.

      4. Well, it depends on your perspective. If you think you’re very creative, then you really are 🙂

        I know that! Lego Movie, right? hehe
        I laughed so hard when watching it. That’s very true. All ideas are worthy, and we never know if each of them will lead us to even more amazing ideas, or lead us to amazing places we never thought would be possible if it weren’t for those silly ideas.
        Like, going to the moon, for example?

      5. Yes, Lego Movie! I wasn’t sure if you’d seen it. I laughed so much I got tired.

        I think each idea is worth getting explored. Some of them turn out well, others don’t, but you never know until you truly think about them. Sometimes, I have too many ideas. Then I get stuck.

      6. That’s why they need to be executed very well. Sometimes even the tiniest or simplest ideas can turn out really awesome because of the great execution. And we still need to learn so much about the techniques of idea execution.

      7. Ugh, I know! There are so many premises that get utterly ruined by terrible execution. I can’t think of any off the top of my head, though…
        You know, I do wonder where some of my ideas come from. Some of them are truly insane.

      8. I’m sorry for the really late reply. Still, the problem is the internet connection.

        I also wonder about that often. So I started to try to pay attention more to the process of how inspirations/ideas come to my mind. Usually there’s some kind of trigger that ‘invites’ certain of my memories.

      9. Hmm… There must be something that creates them.

        Anyway, I think we do have to do that, as we both know what they say, “Inspiration comes at anytime”. And that’s very true. But at times it really sucks when ideas come to me right when I have to do other responsibilities

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