My Cookie

I picked it up, was going to eat it

The tip of my tongue reached

And touched

Open wider, mouth!


And the sky collapsed

Screams everywhere, I ran

Earthquake, tsunami

The sun vanished, apocalypse


My cookie! Where did it go?

I shouted, and I was alone

Suddenly everything went dark

Couldn’t see, my cookie was gone


Under this kind of circumstance

What could I do? I am no genius

Instant eradication of the earth

Supernovas, evacuation to the next planet


We were engaged in a war

Between the light and the dark

We were the last survivors

Ran faster, shot higher, hide better


Two years later, and I missed my cookie

The war had ended, and I looked under ruins

With the hope of finding my precious

The mark of seconds before disaster




11 thoughts on “My Cookie”

      1. Yes, and could have had tea together, sat around in a park under the trees of cherry blossoms, and joked and laughed so much.

        The world would be much more peaceful.
        But greed. That’s still the problem.

      2. If only people would stop and enjoy the chocolate and tea and cherry blossoms.

        I think unwavering ideology is also a problem. But that could be because I spend too much time on the Internet with all the crazies.

      3. Same for me, I too, spend too much time in my room, on the internet…

        And I think because of that, my knowledge about the outside world is fewer than most of the people 😦

        So however I may be able to spit out theories of how this world can be much better, they may only be empty theories, and can never be applied in reality…

      4. Oh, I wouldn’t say that. The Internet is full of stories, if you know where to look, and that’s how people learn. However, it probably is a good idea to go outside and enjoy nature. That’s one thing the Internet can’t replace.

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