I Am…

(Now that the new semester has started… I think I might as well post something new. And after dramatically contemplating too much about life, particularly mine, and about my identity, I came up with this.)

I am the wind blowing under the ocean

I am the sand piled up on top of an iceberg

I am an eroded rock at a river’s turn

I am the mud on a pit’s bottom

I sing the song of the forest’s delinquent

I fly low under the frozen water

I may or may have not brought a curse

I listen to endless miracles

I pack my bag with dirt

I will never understand this world

I am not different, but my path has never been out of the darkness

I will stand outside of the perimeter, invisible and twisted

We all know, that life doesn’t have a manual, and everything has its partner

I am transparent and full of colors


9 thoughts on “I Am…”

    1. I’m okay, don’t worry 🙂
      Just… having been feeling confused about life recently, since graduation is only two years away, still don’t know what to do after that. And it’s not only that. So much more to think about…
      Thank you so much anyway ^^
      I miss you by the way hehe

      1. Aw, I missed you too! Literally smile-jumped up and down when I saw your post come up. It’s been so long! Lovely to see you back.
        Also, take care 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! ^^
      I’m really happy to know that what I wrote made you excited. I’m excited that you’re excited! ^^
      Again, thank you very much, and also thank you for the reblog!

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