He's cursed
Silver glow of his diamonds
Not everyone knows whom he's hurt
He's just that good
And to have been chosen
They feel honored
And he just smiles like a predator
Hunts for food
Food for his own pleasures
The darker the better
Bathes in crimson
Ego grows bigger

But he's just that good
Holding a cup of golden
A touch of infinite power
Bright eyes like they're burned
Sharp white fangs of a panther

Full of lies
Feeling in control of people's lives

And he's just that good
It's him you can't ever fathom
What he hides
Inside his mind
No one is trusted
No one's allowed to enter
No longer feels sadness
Or he never even had that emotion
Like an animal

Thrives for perfection
In his artwork
Of bleeding sirens
And crying mothers
And screaming children

So he would feel satisfied
By his own creations
Paintings of miserable lives
When guilts are severed
When the human side
Is there no longer

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