It Is Time

Dark it becomes
When your candles are blown by the wind
One by one, dying slowly
And you keep playing your violin
And you keep singing to live

Cold it becomes
When the night falls under your feet
Minute by minute, fading slowly
And you finally cut your wings
And you no longer need to feel happy

You blow the dust off of your old guitar
You kiss a goodbye to your golden times
Those glorious days you believe to be the past
And you smile upon knowing your son would live a happy life

Screaming fans surrounded you
You've been around the world
With precious friends alongside you
Through melodies and genuine words
You went far to places new
Keeping your faith to inspire others

But now that you've done your work
It is time to play with your grandchildren
You would tell them your story
A nobody who became everyone's somebody

Turn off the light inside the studio
Unplug the wires, no more stereo
It is time to take a sit at the balcony
Give it an end and finish your tea
You have given them your legacy
There is no more to pay
Now to enjoy your last days

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