For a long time
Stuck onto the shadows under the sky
It’s been a while
Since these eyes last saw waves of light

Now to the sun
And the silhouettes in a distance far
Hungry for paradise
With my two friends nearby

It’s much easier to tell what we’ve seen
When we know they were there for real
Every detail that she spotted
And every wonder I soon noticed

Under the canopy of trees old
And the heat made us sweat hot
We grew to find our amazement bright
Not caring with the people passing by

This moment is never to be replaced
For it is not born every single day
Greatness that we often overlook
But they’re always there for sure


The End

A lighthouse up there on a black cliff
The majestic tidal wave rising
The rough gale brings a warning

Of the coming storm
Of the coming storm

We tie a chain around our hearts
In case the sea wouldn’t forgive us
All in vain, all turn to dust

Our memories, to the shore
Our traces, wherever we go

And underwater
Our souls wither
A grave down under
Into the darkness

Until then
Till the story ends
Fade away
Till the end of the day


The moon has attracted passions
The flow of the current can’t escape them
Hidden within a group of nocturnal creatures
The ghosts yearning for the revelation of secrets

And I’m walking on a narrow path
Far away but maybe a little bit more
After they know how I end up on this land
They’d swim under the ocean to find more

Because I can’t hold on forever
And my thoughts quickly leave my head
I need something to keep myself together
And some answers to tie to my feeble wooden bed

I scream and shout and run
I die and am brought back to relive the past
Without my secrets
Without them I’d soon tumble
I have them all playing around in the darkness
But life keeps moving and they keep meeting strangers
Who then would become one of them

Define Me

I shatter my mind into pieces
To forget my own weaknesses
I desensitize myself every moment
To block all the hurtful words

Five is fun and seven is holy
Nine is strong and three is funny
All I want to do is to scream
And one more time, to feel

Everyday I imagine of the ocean
At night, the full moon is silver
And the salty air, the boats and waves
Who is the lost seafarer, far far away?

This is me being completely honest
Everyday every month every year
People telling me things and I tell them
jokes, all the complains, endless of them
Don’t want to keep asking
Or assuming
Or wondering
I am on a small dot on the map
Worrying and waiting and living
I am in a small house on a polluted land
Questioning and trying to create something
Something, anything that can define me

Dancing in the Rain

Electricity in the air
Your consciousness dictates every breath
In your distant solitude
There’s nothing else but the rain and you

When thunder strikes the earth
It crawls from under your bare feet to your nerves
You feel it on your skin, every hair on your body
Just like your passion, it stings

You just… give in

That smile on your face
Represents everything you’ve been through
Here you are on this day
Below the deadliest beauty of nature

Time glares at you
As you run through the woods
It envies you and your unboundness
But for you, it is never about freedom
It is not even something to be defined
Unlike the beauty of sunshine,
or the mysterious nights
You never thought of… any concept
You never thought of anything to gain for yourself

You take a powerful leap onto the cliff
You’re earthbound but untied to anything
You are up there, under the lightning storm
You are down here, standing on the slippery rocks
Howling to the moon
The pain and suffering all gone for good
Dancing in the rain
The pouring water promises you a better day