You were born on one winter night

Cried and frozen tears fallen from the sky

That night the moon was nowhere on sight

But you flew anyway, you flew high

You were the pale stone hidden behind the clouds

But sometimes a child can see you peeking through your doubts

You miss something that can never be found

And you decided to stay invisible for now

At some point you do wonder

If you were created to have a destination

A purpose

A role

But here you are, blessed with a couple of wings

Usually you drift through the northern lights

The cold and the clouds like a confusing mist

And that’s what makes you feel alive

And when you woke up one night feeling different

You just knew there was not only one word

Not only one word to describe your existence

You can be everything you’ve always dreamed of

You can make things never before known

Because you were born to be a dragon

A winter dragon, who befriends the night and the snow

In the cold and the dark, you are the ignited torch

So you can create your own purpose

And roar, breathe hopes

You’re magical and wonderful

You shine and offer warmth, so beautiful

You’re everything but bad

You are the ruler of your own land


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