I guess you’ll never understand

Open your eyes and inhale
Creature of curiosity
You will finish the book page by page
Eventually it would be finished

Or, would it?
Creature of doubts
When you start to question everything
Contradictions messing around

But you keep walking anyway
Creature of intelligence
You would pick one of the ways
Since you need only a single destination

And along your journey
You would find more questions
More answers
More options
More… contradictions

Why did you wonder?
Why did you question?
Why did you decide on one option?

What makes you let go?
What makes you hang on?
Sometimes you know that,
not everything has to make sense

Creature of faith
You would once lose your way
It would probably destroy your structure
The structure that keeps you you
Or it would probably leave you with no other choice but to make sure
That you’re the one who would keep you you


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