Dancing in the Rain

Electricity in the air
Your consciousness dictates every breath
In your distant solitude
There’s nothing else but the rain and you

When thunder strikes the earth
It crawls from under your bare feet to your nerves
You feel it on your skin, every hair on your body
Just like your passion, it stings

You just… give in

That smile on your face
Represents everything you’ve been through
Here you are on this day
Below the deadliest beauty of nature

Time glares at you
As you run through the woods
It envies you and your unboundness
But for you, it is never about freedom
It is not even something to be defined
Unlike the beauty of sunshine,
or the mysterious nights
You never thought of… any concept
You never thought of anything to gain for yourself

You take a powerful leap onto the cliff
You’re earthbound but untied to anything
You are up there, under the lightning storm
You are down here, standing on the slippery rocks
Howling to the moon
The pain and suffering all gone for good
Dancing in the rain
The pouring water promises you a better day


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