Define Me

I shatter my mind into pieces
To forget my own weaknesses
I desensitize myself every moment
To block all the hurtful words

Five is fun and seven is holy
Nine is strong and three is funny
All I want to do is to scream
And one more time, to feel

Everyday I imagine of the ocean
At night, the full moon is silver
And the salty air, the boats and waves
Who is the lost seafarer, far far away?

This is me being completely honest
Everyday every month every year
People telling me things and I tell them
jokes, all the complains, endless of them
Don’t want to keep asking
Or assuming
Or wondering
I am on a small dot on the map
Worrying and waiting and living
I am in a small house on a polluted land
Questioning and trying to create something
Something, anything that can define me


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