Shut up
Never mind, keep talking
Talk to me
Entertain me
Make me happy
Help me forget all the bad things

The only one who greets me
Smiles to my invisible spirit
Comments on my bad habits
Mouth of infinite possibilities
Doesn’t matter that I’m not exciting
You recognize that I truly exist

You’re rarely home
To one color and so on and so on
Your traces bestowed
Upon all the places you go

Sometimes I miss you
But your life is a very fun adventure
So I’ll let you
Be out there embracing the nature



Take their breaths away
Your emotions are of a diver
Beneath the depths you play
Through the darkness you mean to discover
Like a dancer walking through the curtain
You can always be brave on the real stage
Fueled by adrenaline pumping in a rhythm

That’s how you make them see you shine
Use wisely what you find inside
And draw the most genuine lines
Sing your heart out under the spotlight

Smile to reveal your dignity
But keep your walls standing
The walls that protect your mysteries
An ocean with limitless hidden gifts

Cue the music
Let’s start the show
Be proud, lion of glory
Spark and paralyze them all


A howling in the forest
It sends vibration to my chest
Crawls up my neck
A haunting and silent hell
The narrow trail heading where?
Thick fog covers my sight and my head
It’s as if I’m blind, I guess

Pressing against my wound
While attempting to run through
With bare feet missing my lost shoes
What would I find when I escape this doom?

I keep running
Even though nothing will ever be clear
Giving in to my instinct
Even though hesitation is still within

Which way?
Try to navigate
I’m no traveller
I know no direction

Still running

The forest is a dimension lost in time
Therefore no one will read my signs
Breathing manually in a rhythm steady
Counting every minute while remembering
Remembering the troubles that I’ve left behind

Things have become too complicated
For you to fix
And if you repeat the cycle so many times
There’ll come a day where you just feel…

We all try to escape
Run away
Distract ourselves
Again and again

Restart for the better
Destroy it all again
Feeling much worse
Run away again

Will it ever stop?
Will it finally stop?

And if you repeat the cycle too many times
There’ll come a day where you just feel…
Like it will be your last escape

Touch the Flames

Visions of places
Hills of death
Scorpions and snakes
Streaming river of blood
And suddenly we’re both lost

Take me with you
A deadly adventure
Gonna lose my mind
And they’d call it suicide

But two strangers in this situation
What’s the worst that could happen?

Stung by the heat
Pierced between clock’s ticking
Freezing cold in a cabin
My life is drifting

Our universe will stop spinning
And by then would farewell bid
But before that,
Please let me touch the flames
Once again