Each of ours
Our colors
Where from?
When to stop?
Scary, isn’t it?
We don’t know anything
I have my silver
You have your golden
The blood in our veins
Every path every passageways
Far away
Leading somewhere
Closer than it all
When you know where to go
The sky is not forever blue
Not every night is full moon
Draw something
Even with your sins
Sing anything
Even without your lips moving
North and south
Yesterday and now
Run out of oxygen
Never enough to learn
Every morning
Every daydream
Every night
Every sign
Each day
Rolling by in vain
Stay at home
Punch the wall
Scream and explode
Sit on the riverside
The blinks of fireflies
Quote the quotes
Find all the wrongs
The ice
The fire
The water
The earth
The sea
The wind
All you say and do
All I say and do
Your life
My life
The world revolves around something
One single thing?
The world is a union
A union of differences?
Question marks
Exclamation marks
All done
Thank you
I love you


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