Your mind is like a labyrinth
And I want to say that I love it
It’s a mystery full of bizarre pieces
Dreams and chameleon-like leaves

Threads you use to hang your hopes
But they’re neither ordinary nor hollow
You trust your first instincts
Pure joy that makes my eyes teary

Your light heart ignites my imagination
And leaves trails of unstained wishes
You never question yourself or the others
You see the best in each person

You’re not weak, not brittle
Not a fool, not useless
I wish I could see what’s inside your head
But no, I love the fact that I can’t

You’re weird
In the best and most amazing way
When you wake up today
You will literally make my day
So don’t go and please stay

Let’s take over the world together
Turn this dystopia into a better planet
Give everyone a cup of tea and a blanket
Plant trees of courage and motivations

And tonight when you go to your bed
Sleepy brain and creativity that needs  rest
The stars will thank you
The galaxy will flow so smooth
I will thank you

Sleep tight
The moon will give your dream a guide
And the night air will carry you further
I’ll close the door and secretly build you a castle

That goodness in you will never fade away


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