Chase away the bad feelings, please
Her scarf has a stain of coffee
She sighs and quickly leaves
Her room is filled with silenced dreams

Who’s the John Doe who killed it?
Her hope has been slayed and left to die
Dear the moon, have you seen the culprit?
Like a prison she keeps everyhing inside

She thought she was strong and brave
That she would soar onto an open bay
Of new spirit and heart of no pain
But reality has spoken and now again,
she has gone astray

The clouds are not forever white
Even the wolves cry at some nights
Let her search for her own guide
And when she finds it, pray for the best life

Everything has its time, you know
Because time will heal the scarred souls
A little brother will find himself ignored
The older one will notice and ask what’s wrong

Don’t worry, she’s learning from the past
She’s trying to forge her own path
Maybe under the pouring rain
Or above a cardboard tray
Or beside her friend’s grave
Nothing will prevent the ignition of a reborn wish
Winter to spring and the wounds will slowly heal
She will survive every pain
And yes, she really is strong and brave


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