This is what I do everyday
Through so much pain
Been totally in shame
And you just have to sit and wait
Wait till the lights reach the stage
Wait till my heartbeat goes temperate
Till the cue is waved

Till the curtain is opened

And my feet would dance free
My stiff body moves ugly
My voice cracks, no note is well hit
But you start smiling, and laughing

Funny gestures and humorous skits
When I clap you all follow happily
In rhythm with the music I’ve created
Last night in dim light and loneliness

Crazy things you demand me to do
I do all of them for you
Because when you come here with your loved ones
Laughing lightly and sharing this moment together
Satisfaction and pride will win over anything that I suffer

I was born to entertain
To release you from burdens on hard days
Hoping for all of your worries to be destroyed
On stage my identity has become a comedy you can enjoy

This is what I do everyday
And it feels great
I feel great


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