Pushing his soul to its limit
Through fragments of bittersweet
Fly high and low to grab and reach
Stretching his arms towards the little glint
His heart is never troubled by heavy feelings
Distortions may wreck his fragile body
But his mind is the dictator that yells at him,
“Keep going!”
The end has never been this near
And his visions are not at all tiny
Minions in his brain have foreseen everything
The details necessary to achieve victory
And to pour his name into world’s history

He swore on his brother’s grave
That no matter how much he would bleed
How many verbal knifes would cause him eternal pain
How all those reckless mouths just can never have enough of torturing

He will rise
Rise and find the truth
The truth that will flood this world
And put an end to all evil

Everyone will recognize his playful grin
His melodic tone and stubborn being
One day they will sing his name on ceremonies
A hero who comes from no place near
An achiever who climbs from a polluted maze never visited


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