Bubble and Dream

She sits inside a bubble
Alone, surrounded by darkness
Faint whispers forming a circle
Memories shot through images
Keeping her warm like the tiny fire on a candle
One day she will meet a man so generous
So kind and humble like no other
Or is it just her imagination?
Too much time spent and wasted
But she just cannot find the courage

The bubble pops and a hand takes her further
Ahead is a sunset with lovely hallucinations
They’re so vivid they slowly destroy her
Like the past that she never experienced
She doesn’t know why she’s crying ’cause
The feelings are indescribable

Woken up on her bed and the sun is just about to rise
Yesterday has ended so she stopped the cry
Everything was so confusing it makes her blind
It feels like…
Her senses did not lie
When all of it happened
But it was in her sleep last night
And although she can’t quite fathom
The dreams have made a tie
A tie that will forever keep her static
Bound to the surreal in each sleep
Loving the dimensions she’ll find within
Locking up her mind and keeping her away from reality


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