Take their breaths away
Your emotions are of a diver
Beneath the depths you play
Through the darkness you mean to discover
Like a dancer walking through the curtain
You can always be brave on the real stage
Fueled by adrenaline pumping in a rhythm

That’s how you make them see you shine
Use wisely what you find inside
And draw the most genuine lines
Sing your heart out under the spotlight

Smile to reveal your dignity
But keep your walls standing
The walls that protect your mysteries
An ocean with limitless hidden gifts

Cue the music
Let’s start the show
Be proud, lion of glory
Spark and paralyze them all


7 thoughts on “Leo”

      1. I do like Libras. I personally don’t have any close Libra friend and I never had any long conversation with a Libra before. I don’t know why. But as I have observed, I find Libra people to be very charming and some of them are funny. Their appearance is always attractive and lovely and I like that about them ^^
        Many people in my life have often said that I am very unpredictable, but the problem is, I can’t even predict myself :’)

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