Extreme Reincarnation

I was on a boat. Then the sky collpased. TheĀ  I was brought back to life. Then I was hit by a car. Then I died again. Then a zombie but my neck. Then I got infected. Then I became a zombie. Then I ate a cat. Then I got shot by a survivor. Then I crawled and made my way up from under the tomb. Then I broke the surface. Then an angel stabbed my stomach. Then I cursed. Then I super-regenerated. Then I saw a car approaching. Then I lifted my thumb. Then I got a ride to the city. Then I got off of the car. Then I tripped and fell. Then I died again. Then I woke up in a forest. Then a poisonous spider bit me. Then I was dying before an old woman brought me to her hut. Then I was cured. Then the old womab prepared a ritual to sacrifice me to the goddess of immortality. Then she ate me. Then I was reshaped as an impala. Then I drank water from a pond. Then I was chased by a lioness. Then I was caught. Then I kicked the lioness’ stomach. Then I ranaway. Then I starved to death. Then I was reborn as a worm. Then I was picked up by a boy. Then he sticked me on a fishing hook. The a piranha ate me alive. Then I became a tree. Then I lived for another 10 years before being cut by a man. The I became thr man’s son. Then I ate a plate of meat contaminated by anthrax. Then I died at the nearest hospital. The I was a dragonfly. Then I befriended a grasshopper. Then I was caught in a spider’s web. Then I was eaten alive. Then I was a teenage girl. Then I sat on a chair in a classroom. Then I listened as the professor started her lecture.



(Completely random stuff)

Want to make sure you get high grades?
Want to be recognized for your beautiful face?
Want to have friends?
Want to form a heavy metal band?
Want to win a million dollars?
Want to be a good dancer?
Want to tidy your room but you’re too lazy?
Smile (cause apparently by smiling your room will magically tidy itself)
Want to eradicate hate from this planet?
Want to be a lion?
Want to have a happy life?
Want to make the world’s most delicious pie?
Want to continue this list with your own ideas?
Want to intsnatly delete the typo on this sentence?

My Heaven

Swallowing my own limit
What goes wrong, let it be
So thin, feathers ripped
Visions foreign in light dim
Shadowing the morning mist
Terminating wishes
Heaving as hard as ill
Dirty skin
Eyes teary
Today’s a new day, isn’t it?
But my heart is aching

Pain in my chest
Pressure, burden’s weight
As my trembling fingers sweep
Through the soft sheet

I never want to leave you
If I could, I would stay with you
Heal my wound, contain my gloom
All I always need is you

But I have to go
See you when the night falls
My heaven
Oh mighty bed with purple pillow and flowery motif and furry blanket
I’m sorry I have to leave for school

In The Middle of The Night

I’m thinking and pondering
Bigger pictures become tiny
Hold them while another appear
I see no definite clarity

Until they’re only blurry abstracts
“I don’t know,
here I am overthinking again”

Feels nice to stay on the surface
But I wanna know the real answers
I’m in tears, time’s ticking
Stop it please, these pointless worries

Tired of trying to explain to myself
Speculations and the eurekas that I get
Eventually will become another maybe
A loop of “why”s and “is it really?”s

Not really a dead end
For possibilities will never end
But that’s what makes it even harder
To feel the real, to truly fathom

Just need something to hold on to
For once
One faith
The certain one
That’ll forever stay
No matter how chaotic everything gets


Calling out an empty wish
I wish I were more
Trapped in black pitch
Crossing a stream of hollow

I am a hole
And you see pass through me
Not present, invisible but close
Nothing to take or give

Send waves in frequency so high
You’d never realize it approaching
When it starts, when it dies
I spin within my fortress, unnoticed

And I’m glad
Hoping for what I can
Almost lost in fake images
Scattering like glowing powder

Raw, untouched, but somehow stained inside
In spiral going on with no purpose
Beating heart that calms down at night
Supressing anything that pops up hope

Tumble again and again
Not seeing not hearing
I am a hole
And you see pass through me