The North

In a land of ice freezing cold
You’ll find people with hearts so warm
It’s okay if you’re afraid of losing hope
This place is full of open doors

See that infinity up there?
Massive darkness and color flames
Golden lights that decorate the land
Feet hardly running through winter maze

Frozen toes
Don’t feel so alone
Oh boy how painful
But look around you
The night is never-ending
Let’s jump on the white trampoline

Some are with friends feeling happy
Bottle after bottle emptied
Some are trying to solve their puzzles
With melodies hugging their struggles

Polar bear stepping with growling breaths
He sees to the distance, spots a prey
While a falling meteor breaks into pieces
You take a drink in front of the fireplace

No fur to protect you
And you feel so doubtful
But here on this land
Written in runes
A thousand ties trying to reach you


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