In The Middle of The Night

I’m thinking and pondering
Bigger pictures become tiny
Hold them while another appear
I see no definite clarity

Until they’re only blurry abstracts
“I don’t know,
here I am overthinking again”

Feels nice to stay on the surface
But I wanna know the real answers
I’m in tears, time’s ticking
Stop it please, these pointless worries

Tired of trying to explain to myself
Speculations and the eurekas that I get
Eventually will become another maybe
A loop of “why”s and “is it really?”s

Not really a dead end
For possibilities will never end
But that’s what makes it even harder
To feel the real, to truly fathom

Just need something to hold on to
For once
One faith
The certain one
That’ll forever stay
No matter how chaotic everything gets


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