Extreme Reincarnation

I was on a boat. Then the sky collpased. The  I was brought back to life. Then I was hit by a car. Then I died again. Then a zombie but my neck. Then I got infected. Then I became a zombie. Then I ate a cat. Then I got shot by a survivor. Then I crawled and made my way up from under the tomb. Then I broke the surface. Then an angel stabbed my stomach. Then I cursed. Then I super-regenerated. Then I saw a car approaching. Then I lifted my thumb. Then I got a ride to the city. Then I got off of the car. Then I tripped and fell. Then I died again. Then I woke up in a forest. Then a poisonous spider bit me. Then I was dying before an old woman brought me to her hut. Then I was cured. Then the old womab prepared a ritual to sacrifice me to the goddess of immortality. Then she ate me. Then I was reshaped as an impala. Then I drank water from a pond. Then I was chased by a lioness. Then I was caught. Then I kicked the lioness’ stomach. Then I ranaway. Then I starved to death. Then I was reborn as a worm. Then I was picked up by a boy. Then he sticked me on a fishing hook. The a piranha ate me alive. Then I became a tree. Then I lived for another 10 years before being cut by a man. The I became thr man’s son. Then I ate a plate of meat contaminated by anthrax. Then I died at the nearest hospital. The I was a dragonfly. Then I befriended a grasshopper. Then I was caught in a spider’s web. Then I was eaten alive. Then I was a teenage girl. Then I sat on a chair in a classroom. Then I listened as the professor started her lecture.


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