Our Dearest

Teardrops fell
We were happy then
But not anymore
Now we know
Now we hold on to our dearest

Turn and spin around the globe
The sun hurts and the air is cold
Tiny glows of their torch
In the distance
In the darkness floating like eyes gold

You fell asleep on my lap
In a cave where I sat,
singing your lullaby
Celebrating life

We were well hidden
With empty stomachs,
mumbling prayers
Holding on to our dearest


At Last

Your boots on the black sand
A tear dropped and you fell
On your knees
On your weary knees

Hitting your body
Making it hard to see
The rain
The gale
Behind you left your ship
Abandoned on the raging sea

After a long journey
Days, weeks, burning skin
Months, fighting your fear

Sheathe your sword
For those times have now gone

Spread the news like a wild fire
Here you’ve arrived
Dear the long lost hero,
now you’re home

One Winter Night

Three wolves calling my name
White fur, eyes untamed
The mother was injured
Her children begging the moon

Their howls pierced through shadows
Their cries heard by wandering ghosts

It was a sorrowful night
And the wind didn’t spare a life
The cold had no mercy
Winter would always bury its victims

Deep beneath the thick snow
Drowning blue in water cold
Frozen surface
Silent deaths

I sat on my bed
Souls whispering around my head
And as I laid down to rest
I hid my knowledge
Your secret is safe with me,
Locked within the time that stays still