I remember here

When my small feet

Brought me fast into safety

From your mischief

Here on this place

You hit my face

And I hit you back

I yelled and called dad

We fought

We hurt each other

I know

But we made a great team together

Years ago here

When your heart beat

As fast as your clever wit

When excitement

Was your constant facial expression


we were Apollo and Artemis

before time changed everything

And now I’m here again

Just me, with you as my memory


It’s Alright

Let me put down my glasses

And breathe the salty air

A short hour of sunset golden

Weighs flying away

Ah, autumn

Leaves rustle

The melody of our hearts

Going softer, slower

Walking down the sand white

Bare feet

Lay down your suffering

For now, everything’s alright

As the shadows take over

The light knows

It will be the darkness’ turn

The water will be its mirror

But it’s alright

Let the sun rest

Make way for the night

Until the dawn brings a new day

He Who Hears the Past

Your lips are blue
The trees become silhouettes
Like giants devouring you
The road is narrow in this forest

From behind you hear whispers
Everywhere you go they follow
Your feet travel
But they cloud you like shadows

It’s a long road ahead of you
Your small body is growing fast
Your smile is supposed to grow too
But the ghosts make sure it doesn’t

Body of a twelve year old
Memories of an old soul

They tell you stories
Haunt you when you sleep
In every place you visit
You can hear their screams

This forest only has one road
And it sure is long
But for you, courageous boy
Their roads are yours
The things you know
You carry on your own

Heal the Ground

In a world that’s died
Awoken outside
To the moonlight
A haunting silver eye

In a ghost town
The lost ones roam
Tied to this very ground
Craving memories to hold

One soul wandering on a road
Two children in a scorched house
A dusty desk and an abandoned note
A boy, a lighter, and traces of smoke

Confused and silent
But there’ll come a day
When the burning waiter
Delivers purification

For evil has started to spread
On this haunted island

So it has to be now
Before the cursed spell spoken
Heal the ground
Seal the past and send away the broken