I’ll Borrow You a Sun

Smokes dancing on my hands
White flame crawling on my arms
Standing on the ground
With my wings spreading wide

I am no immortal
But every particle of me is eternal
I am no angel
But feathers on my wings keep prayers

To all the disturbed souls
I’d raise my lance and bury all shadows

Now hear me well
Wish for the best
Don’t hesitate
Walk the furthest
Don’t tremble

My light cannot be bought
But I’ll borrow you a sun
To guide you through the wrongs
My flame growing in your heart


Carry On

Glaciers break
Cities flooded
Melodies that will pay
Our national anthems

Bring the pain
And hand it over
Break the day
The lost children

And they say
That it’s over
Just wait
Sit down and witness

We hold our hands
And we promise
To never again runaway
Welcome the fear
All energy drained
But hope remains

Just you wait
And listen
We will change
And so will the universe
Drag your fate
And let it burn

We will carry on
‘Cause this is our home


(This is supposed to be a song if only I could create some melodies)

All around me
Inside I was
I was holding heaven
It’s tough
But it gets easier
When you look up
That’s down under
It’s crazy now that
I know the things
That you’ve told me were…


All around me
Set things worse
Worse than dreaming
I heard that
You can find answers
So light up
Set fire to the thunders
The thunders
The mothers roaming the houses
Dead children
Making up for the mistakes you thought were…


The talkings were spoken out loud
So you just stood by and watched
Memories are painful but I doubt
And we doubt
That you can ever stand your own ground
It’s impossible

My Ghost

From my hands
Promises fell
Looking back
Remember well

Then forget it all
A gunshot made a hole
It needs to stay hollow

From my fingers
Glowing traces
Holograms of the things
touched by them

Then erase it all
Water hit the sand wall
Destroy and let it go

Stay behind me
And stop singing
Take your hands off my body
And quit whispering to my ears

Your whole existence disgusts me
the dead me
who I used to be