More Than Here

Be still my beating heart
Out in the dark
A pair of eyes glowing
Under the canopy of big leaves

Crickets making noises
All around me
My heel in the cold water
They’re approaching

Rustle rustle
Out of the bushes
Curious round ears
A happy tail
Oh you little beast
Challenging me fierce

Here, here
Your striped paw
Traces of wet soil
The hunts you saw

Did you know?
You have cousins out there in the wild savanna
Have you ever tasted water so salty and chased away a group of flamingoes?
Brush away the leaves and up there you’ll see stars

Little beast
I’ve seen much more than what you can find in this forest
But here,
At this lakeside we’ll meet again
When you’re big enough
To understand all the bitter knowledge
And the beauty that they keep


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