Like A Slow Mo

Clashing stars make my heart pause

Like a slow mo

Within a range of time uncountable

Breaking all windows

Pour glowing powder all around me

Keep the darkness here, surrounding me

And I’ll create a new galaxy

In one instant click

To the landlords of old homes

My creation will make your hearts pause

Like a slow mo

Within a range of time only I can count

I’ll make the biggest star you will ever know


A Thought That Reminds Me…

I procrastinate in everything I do

I live like I’ve got time worth to lose

I never really consider how much I’ve spent

I never really imagine how my life would end

And suddenly I’m twenty years old

Might or might not be long

Before the wheel stops spinning

While my head’s still full of dreams

I procrastinate what I’ve got to finish

Sometimes one thought comes kicking in

Knocks on my blissful mind

Reminds me of a possibility

What if later in my life…

When I’m dying

I would get that same feeling

As when a work’s deadline is approaching

Could have done so much more

Could have finished it much better

But then I would already be seventy years old

Counting every second I have in this world

Your Beat

Roll the snare as you go on

Play with the sticks as they groove on

Hit hard, really hard

Pour out what’s in your heart

Do one cool fill

And show ’em the beat

Crash and bass

Today is gonna be a good day

The smell of summer on your hair

Dancing feet and nodding heads

With a giant smile on your face

You spread joy around this place

Let them hear your beat

Let them recognize it

They’ll always remember

This one moment that moves their world

As I grow older

A day feels like an hour

I keep wishing for more

But time won’t ever stop

It’s almost nightfall

But everything stays the same

While inside I’m caught in a war

Not knowing when it will end

Constantly making the same mistake

Constantly asking why

Maybe it’s just a part of who I am

Maybe I’ll stay this way until I die

My heart is dusty

Closed eyes blinded by fantasy

Thousands of my wishes

Erased by reality

They say work hard towards your dreams

I say too late I’m meant to stay here

Cause look at me

You think someone like me

can leave marks of greatness

on this confusing world?

I’m locked and caged in comfort

Probably for a good reason

If one day I were to be unleashed

Suffering would come for the ones I love