A Visit

I had travelled around your world, seen the things and heard the sounds no one else could ever imagine of. There were the nights without any glint or ray of light. Scavenging through the dark area, trying to keep track of time and possessing little clue of when the blackout was going to end. Within the darkness, sometimes I would trip and fall into a deep hole, where my body would slowly get thinner and my energy drained. At the bottom of the deepest hole I had ever fallen into, I panicked. Lost and in fear, I trembled. A deep voice kept echoing around me, spitting statements that I could not ignore at all. Affected by this voice, I gave up and cowered under the wings of the devil. At nights, hope was lost.

However, as the scary voice started to fade away, a long line that bordered the light and the dark appeared, ripping apart the night to uncover another side of your world; the day. Illuminated by the first light, I started to see vines attached to the wall surrounding the hole, so I climbed up. And then there I saw, a vast grassland, with dense trees soaring up here and there, each was accompanied by a field of flowers circling its foot. As the cool breeze touched my skin and played with my hair, I closed my eyes. Hope was reborn.

But even when your sun was high up there and everything good could be clearly seen, my sense of smell would still catch the rotten smell of dead bodies; the people you’d abandoned and disappointed, your regrets, your past selves. My ears would sometimes hear the voice that had been haunting me during nighttime, poisonous and deadly. There was no escaping the devil.

Your world was scary and exciting at the same time. I thought my visit there would complete my understanding of this universe you own. Turned out there were still corners and roads I hadn’t reached, yet. Places further and deeper bound by the laws of your mind.


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