Where Is Safe?

I found joy in a place far away
A bond never to be replaced
Lonely feet gathered to rest
A sanctuary, a protected nest
But the wind had broken our fence
Eventually we had to face our end
Crushed from the outside
Rotten from the inside

I searched for a new home
The world is rough
A city of heartless souls
The kind ones are lost

During the day I collect leftovers
At nights I find a corner to cry
Breathe in as the memories return
Wherever I go I see what’s killing lives

Wherever I go
Tears are shed
Confusion grows
Desires clash

Old is what becomes of new
No matter how hard I think of it
Lives no longer possess values
Lies are used to fulfill one’s needs
Smiles are only shown to earn money
Happiness is not purchased freely

I searched for a place
Somewhere safe
Breathe in breathe out
But it is nowhere to be found


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