Part of Insanity

I watched from afar

Beasts tearing each other apart

River of crimson

Clenching heart witnessing horror

Grimacing with pain

An old man carrying a maze

A maze full of nightmares

Haunting children as they seek a way

Glorious devil

Blowing poison into the air

He glared at the world

And at the shades, at the incoming wave

And at me

Evil had marked my being

So I ran away

Escaping the dark matter

But he unveiled

All the perfect illusions

Trapped inside my own fear

I fell down on my knees

So I breathed it in

The poison filled up my lungs

Blending in among the beasts

Starting to see inside the dark

Forgive me

For what I’ve become

A part of this insanity

Now watch me from afar


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