I write letters in black
Ink from my heart
I create stories that last
Forever in places dark
Losing my grip and slide down
Like a waterfall
Making my words said out loud
Like a lion’s roar

And you’ll finally glance at me
Just when I’m about to sing
My voice will not be shaking
The world will be the audience cheering

Rivers flow through the cracks in my heart
Volcanoes erupt whenever i’ve had enough
My hands are holding a dying bird
That will rise again as my thoughts are finally heard

I’ll free myself away
I’ll break the wall to embrace the day



I’ll run fast, as fast as the rotation of the world
Into the glimmering shining reflection of the sun
Making real of what once used to be dreams unheard
I’ll reach the places that I’ve always pictured in my thoughts

Everytime I go to bed
Before my eyes finally tire
I would shed tears just visioning the aurora above my head
Inside a warm hotel room in a land covered in snow and ice

Imagining myself being there
Imagining myself missing home
I could almost hear the cracking from the fireplace
And feel the cold when I open the window

Logically speaking that would be impossible
But I’ve heard stories of the impossible made possible
By another human being who was once lost just like me
I still shed tears just hearing about their journeys

There’s No Going Back

Walking towards the sun

Breathing the remaining air

Am I going down or up?

Flying rocks won’t provide a way

Passing by what I think are asteroids

Floating in zero gravity

Home is left behind in the past

Light years away I’ve traveled

Towards the space vast

With no heat inside the dark matter

I miss their sounds

I need to hear a voice not mine

Colors are rare without solid ground

I need to hear a voice not in my mind

I’ve gone far far away from home

It’s hard to say if I’d go back now, right?

But I want my life to return to how it was before

Maybe I’ll just shut up now and close my eyes

After all, no door can be found in this darkness

I can’t just run in case the space swallows me

I smile as one memory emerges

I was a boy staring at the bedroom ceiling

“Pull up your blanket now, little astronaut.

The sun will rise again tomorrow.”


There’s new hope coming this way

Sure, there will also be new problems

Circumstances that’ll get us stuck midway

But hearing this good news got us excited

Alright guys, let’s start a new project revolutionary

This time we’re gonna do it right

Little sparks of our sun have started to appear

Hope is near, hold your heads high

We’re gonna run in fiercer speed

Travel far where no one has ever known

Yes, we’ll gather everything we see and hear

The world will be surprised and in awe

But oh, first things first

We’re gonna rearrange some things

Empty the room and throw away the scraps useless

New tools to start fresh and clean




The Last of Them

An owl observing the night

White feathers blended well with the snow

Unspoken and unheard desires

The cracks on wheel of time have made a hole

Sealed lips and clenched jaws

Distorted memories creating invisible scars

Buried hidden are emotions raw

Broken legacies have left them numb

No more good fortune for the rotten souls

It’s too late anyway

Stains of crimson colored the thick snow

No more hope anyway

Once an empire now a ruin

History kept inside the remaining minds

Dead dreams creating scars deep

Nocturnal creatures taking over the last light