Behind That Door

Behind that door confusion filled up the room like black fume

Unresponsive emotional sense has been something you’re used to

You’ve lost that one thing you thought were the only cure

In that room you dance around to the hard beat that you’re used to

It’s lonely and it’s slowly turning you into a stranger you never knew

It’s frustrating and it’s driving you mad like you can’t live like this anymore

The primal part of you wants to get out and escape this forever loop

To search for that one thing that has been taken from you long ago

No one has ever knocked on the door

To want to know where you want to go

Holding up your hands in the air

And let them do everything to lock the pain away

So much kept inside, so little said out loud

So high your imagination has left the ground

So low your certainty about what to do

Running away seems to be a habit you’re used to

Nothing matters anymore

Sometimes you’re optimistic

But all in all you’ll always stay behind that door

That is where your soul was buried deep


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