The tide is high coming from the sea

My friends say to find someplace safe to be

“Oh cool” I say with a grin

“Why don’t we all just swim against it?”

When I’m alone

I laugh at my own jokes

I can be so talkative

When no one’s around I can do anything

The littlest thing I hear from the other part of the globe

A headline news so bad it makes me spit coffee all over the floor

A short video on Youtube so weird my head feels funny

A song on the radio been played too much it gets boring

I do enjoy being by myself

But when we’re together,

I feel like we can conquer the day

The small things we overlook so often

But don’t wait hey let’s try something new

The tide is high but we have each other

You have me and I have you

Let’s find a way out of this situation



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