There’s No Going Back

Walking towards the sun

Breathing the remaining air

Am I going down or up?

Flying rocks won’t provide a way

Passing by what I think are asteroids

Floating in zero gravity

Home is left behind in the past

Light years away I’ve traveled

Towards the space vast

With no heat inside the dark matter

I miss their sounds

I need to hear a voice not mine

Colors are rare without solid ground

I need to hear a voice not in my mind

I’ve gone far far away from home

It’s hard to say if I’d go back now, right?

But I want my life to return to how it was before

Maybe I’ll just shut up now and close my eyes

After all, no door can be found in this darkness

I can’t just run in case the space swallows me

I smile as one memory emerges

I was a boy staring at the bedroom ceiling

“Pull up your blanket now, little astronaut.

The sun will rise again tomorrow.”


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