Cage me
Drag me through that door, lock me up
Chain me
Shove me against the wall, hold your guard up
Skin me
Saw my head open and examine what you find
Boil me
Electrocute me and don’t listen to my lies

Because this is an asylum
And you’re the doctor, aren’t you?
Through these endless deliriums
You just have to fix me, don’t you?

Tell me
Say what’s wrong with me
Now leave
Let me ponder about everything
Why I’m like this
Even though silence won’t help me
Is it what they did?
Is it because of their sins?

Because this is an asylum
Even you can’t find the errors, can you?
Yet I keep looking for a cure
As if I can still be sure

But you’re the doctor, aren’t you?
So tear open my brain and look
Look closely until you find the answer
Before it stops pulsating forever


2 thoughts on “Asylum”

  1. Well done! I love the visceral power of your wonderful poem – the crying out of a lost soul looking for a way out of madness, and is so desperate for remedy, that he would do anything. And apparently, allow anything done to him, no matter how intrusive, if it resulted in restoration of his sanity.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for the comment! ^^

      I always love the dark atmosphere of the concept of asylum. And when suddenly I got the idea of writing a poem with this theme, I had it saved in my draft and I finally tried to write it down when I was trapped in my own hole of doom. So I feel like I was channeling some part of my own insanity there.

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