Paint it in your sleep
Everything that you fear
All your beliefs

Bury your dreams in the dark
All your hopes locked
For you are not special

This is no lie
All those lights they let fly
They’re the lies
That you watch at night
That they write
So you’re satisfied

Nothing is behind that screen
Illusions lie beyond those words you read
When you wonder what’s real
Wonder what you don’t want to see



Because reality spins in sorrow
Rattling the chain on my neck
Evaporating matter makes hollow
Drenched cold and messed

Hangin’ here
On a dream

Sad laughter
In the distance
Marks the universe
Goin’ wilder

Our cries
In complicated nights

So mad, so sad
Empty but fat

Because it’s taking me so much
To keep walking this reality
Look me in the eye
And tell me what you feel

I will not fly

Below there are stars
Blinking praising me
My throne lays among the waves of lights
Painted in the night sky far north from here

That’s where I’m going

Ten thousand miles road I’m heading down
Blisters on my feet, weights I carry on my back
Backpack full of dirt to keep me on the ground
Ropes tied my wings to keep me on the land

Look at the map
No pain or loneliness written there
Look inside
Where you see through hallway of time
Where memories of your childhood
Keep you faithful

I’m going up
But I will not fly
I’ll take my crown
But I know I’ll die

When I lose every sensation
With nothing else to feel
When I’ve gained what I wanted
Nothing else to feel

Many of Us

We keep searching for gold
Found diamonds not enough
Many of us
We crack open cans of gold
But we’ve gotten bored
Many of us
Trying to gather crumbling hopes
At nights carrying colorful torch

Crying ourselves to sleep
Feeling sorry

Our hearts burnt out
The smell of it so tragic
We hear someone howl
Lost track of everything
Lonely and scared
But our doors are locked
They’re soaking wet
And we’re bathing in gold

What do we have that they don’t have?
Nothing is never enough
For many of us

With You

Crystal clear
Vaporizing tears
The sound of your steps
Arriving from somewhere
Now the phantoms in me
They can be silenced for a minute

Now that you’re here
I feel a lot better

Songs about nightmare
Their laughter never ends
In the back of my head
Sung by screaming death

Now my phantoms can be mute
Just for a little while
Now that I’m with you
I feel brighter for a little while

Now that you’re here
The road seems smoother
Life seems simpler
I feel better

Sometimes I’m afraid you’ll leave me
But apparently you feel the same
Maybe we both can have our remedies
It seems that,
our whole lives we’re trying to make amends
Forgive and forget

My phantoms will never be mute for long
Save my soul, we are knocking on doors
Lead me, guide me
Will you please stay with me?