Remain All The Same

Cold breeze blows the curtain
The window’s opened
But you’re chained, shackled
Mouth taped, eaten by hunger
Only a few feet away
Freedom and the day
But you’re caged, silenced
Remain prisoner

In the dark corner
Scratched the wall with your fingernail
Tried to be heard
Delusions have blinded the privileged
Who’s the crazy one?
Aren’t we all?

Maybe we’re not trying hard enough
Ticking clocks a thing incidental
Prisoners remain prisoners
Rich remain blinded
Crazy remain unheard
The world changes colors
But remains the same forever
All that we take for granted
All that we try to change
All that we try to protect

We’re all empty in the end
No matter what framed the canvas
What inked the papers
Remain all the same in the end


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