Find me if you want to know

Waiting on a decaying boat

Staring at the stars, my home

The sea is one giant darkness

the darkest of mirror,

whispering to my organs

planning my funeral


I’m married to the night

Every constellation marks my skin like a tattoo

I befriend the only light

With blind pale eyes challenging the moon


And I’m bringing with me a treasure

One knowledge, one truth

If you’re brave enough to open your door,

move your weary feet to my anchored boat

lift your dim lantern and light my face

look at me and find the old man that I am

I will give you what you desire

One knowledge in your mind

will frighten you at night


Burning House

The house across the street is burning
but there’s no smoke or fire
The world is being buried
by dark thoughts of tired minds

In this disorder
we try to find familiarity
I found a dead bird
among hurried feet
The ground collapses
Swallows us in melancholy

My identity
Your creation
My reality
Your imagination

Breathe me clues
I need constant fuel
While we reach for your hands
and set democracy on this land

Across the street,
a house is burning within


there’s no reason to believe
And there’s no belief in every word
No one knows who’s manipulating
Answer in itself has questions
Now you know that none of this is real

When you forget to lock the damn door
And your feelings start to leak out
And they see that you’d been shot
And somehow it’s all your fault

No reason is right enough
You’ve still got to smile
after every accusation
Sometimes you want to hate them
but sometimes,
they can be nice to you
and it confuses you

You swear to yourself
that you will change
so they can love you even after you’re dead
so you can still love them even in hell


I can hear a cry from the distance

The sound bleeding from sadness

like a shrieking baby lion

hunger eating him like a virus


Bigger than this kingdom

Your mighty words

bleeding from your mouth

to the awed crowd


Infinite thoughts

bleeding from your brain

from the oldest stars

to your sleeping face


Your love

bleeding to my heart

from the lonesome house

in the warmest south

Someplace Someone

Turn the page now, son
Look at the photo
of someplace someone
far away from home
You will hold on to this
And tell your mom
“I’ve got to go here,
tame my own heart,
cause there’s so much to see
once I know how to pet the sun”
Now promise me
You will take a better photo
Tell me a story
When you come back home