The Stream

Can’t sleep
Tonight, the world is expanding
Some would say it’s morning
While the big sphere keeps spinning
new souls being delivered
Trying to make sense of what it is
that we see and what we believe

Time goes by
A mother tucks in her child
in bed dreaming of what might
A night worker heads down a tunnel
sighs and turns on his flashlight

All clocks are ticking in a rhythm
A student grabs her toothbrush
the mirror reflecting a pair of lenses
that have overlooked the little sparks

The wind carries a thousand voices
From all kinds of language
The spoken and the unheard

Tonight, I’m busy arguing with myself
over the right and the wrong
over where I’m supposed to go
over when I can finally write my own song

The systems are growing more complicated
Beliefs shaken
but we have to choose and commit
Born and live in a stream
to die drowning in the sea

With holes in your hearts
dry your tears now
Take care of what you’ve got
Then let me hear your howl
so I can close my eyes
knowing that some things can still be better
and that I can still learn how to swim
through the current of this stream
so I won’t be lost at the sea


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