A Constant Walk

​Closing in from the sky

A golden bird demanding hope

From far away comes a cry

Through your doors and windows

And my demons still keep me safe


Through the fears they spread

And the lies

But the whispers and the singing

The earthquakes and the raging sea

The coughs and the cold and the sneezes

A pair of lost feet

Fingers searching

Scorched ruins

All keep pulling me

Since the bird settled in

I’ve been imagining things

Living my dream

A small house in a land of four seasons

A fairy tale

Even though I know it can be difficult

But the cry has come all the way

Demanding hope

Demanding courage

Demanding my first step

My first step after my last

A constant walk

Through your rains in the dark

Take me to where I belong

Reassure my demons

That my bags are full of supplies

There’s nothing to worry about

Their fears are no longer in my mind


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