​Buried alive

Tall figures towering over me

Growing dark

I couldn’t remember what lead to this

The ground is supposed to be silent

But slowly I’m starting to hear whispers

If there’s one thing those people had forgotten

They forgot to warn me

of the demons lurking underneath

Have my parents realized that I’m gone?

Has anybody come look for me?

My organs are shutting down

My lungs deflating, running out of air

Why am I hearing many sounds?

Chains rattling

Footsteps running

And then I look at my feet

I’m breathing, something’s burning

And when I turn around

Those men are all burned down

And I was the one carrying the torch

I decorated my big bonfire

There’s one more thing they had forgotten

They forgot that I’ve warned them

The ground can’t stop me

The demons don’t scare me

I’ll be coming for the others

Without a warning


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