Some Things Can’t Be Changed

​There’s no time to sit and cry

We’re all dying and deep down,

we know it

There’s no reason to dwell in our minds

We all have unfinished business

Sticky notes of reminders

Unpaid bills

A bucket list of dreams

There’s a time limit for everything

Before it’s all too late

We need to stop pondering

Things move faster

And we are getting more aware

Bite our lips

Restless feet

Breathe automatically

There’s no point in screaming

No point in proving our identity

The universe doesn’t care

So we need to start thinking of what it needs

Instead of what we want for ourselves

Our opinions don’t matter

What matters is how we fix things

And how we make it all real

Make it all happen

Stop imagining about a better world

Get the ingredients and make it happen

If I can’t make it happen,

then I need to shut up

Oh the irony

Oh how we just can’t stop thinking

Can’t stop the words flowing

We are made of pride

All our lives

we keep battling ourselves

And then we die


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