What Happened

​She was ten and she was having fun

The car parked in the garage

Her dad fixing some broken parts

A cat came running down the yard

A neighbor watched from a distance

A stranger with a polaroid took a picture

Now what happened to these souls?

That kid who used to stare through his window

make a replica of solar system

daydream in class not paying attention

Now what happened after years have passed?

Rusty old minds sitting in the dining room

Staring at a family photo, listening to the sounds that echoed from the past

Destination unclear, but later in limbo they will know what to do

The oven made a ding sound

The cake is beautifully baked

For those who have been found

Who are now rescuing stray mates

Doing their best on young days

Enjoying their time with no care

Trying to cure the heartache

Crazy how time always wants to repeat itself

It hangs onto what’s familiar

Wraps all movements with knowledge

Stirs us all to change to maintain the cycle


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