​Can you say something?

Something reassuring

In a voice that I’ve ever heard

from a house in a small village

Sing me a song

A familiar song

With the music that I’ve ever heard

From our last moments together

Among the silent ghosts in the woods

We used to hide under a big tree

Telling each other the dreams

Dreams that could have come true

And you said that we would live in a better place far away from here

I agreed

Oh how naive we used to be

Let those dreams sleep

We are not meant to be kings

We are ordinary


Airplane Mode

​Set my phone on airplane mode

Though I’m not on an airplane

I don’t want pretenses anymore

So I cut all ties and walk away

Being left alone

I can think of all

all that’s gone wrong

and all that could be

after I’m gone

I can think of the ways

fast or slow

in silence or with a show

so there will be no tomorrow

Nothing matters no more

The air in my room tastes like rotten corpse

When they find my body it’s all too late

My phone is down on the floor

Still on airplane mode