The Horror

We have made monsters
Taking shape and alive
Haunting every neighborhood
Watching us at night

We have identified emotions
Named each and every one
While the pain is the magnet
The joy keeps us fine

With every beat of our hearts
Every weak step with no guide
Trying to avoid the dark corners
But there’s a little part that…
is addicted to the fright

While safety is what we’re trying to find
The horror keeps us alive


None of Those

Forever I went
Night sky silent cold
Now burning spread
Now silent no more
Made me scream
Run towards and from
Made me plead
The wind getting strong
Heal me, help me now
I’m running out of time

This world is for the smart and the strong
And I am none of those

They are…
fighters during heatwave
Pain scale is through the space
Storm raging they’re standing straight
In a constant battle and always
Never is a strong word but,
they never break

In my head I’m drowning
Cannot make up anything
Seeking control of this mess
No, no, this is as good as it gets

This world is for the brave and the kind
And I am none of the above

Every Little Thing

Everybody get on this nostalgic ship

This will take us back

When things held the saddest meaning

Little things worth drowning deep in

Every little thing

that we couldn’t miss

to fill our dark philosophy

We thought,

“A song about this would totally sell”

That’s how perfect our pain was

How often we felt like life is a living hell

Nothing could stop our cynical train of thoughts

about every little thing