A Letter from a Traveler

I come from the future
Here to tell you
That what you now know
Will be no more

I was raised in a city
Where the fake becomes real
My senses dull and wit blunt
Glass walls expose my heart
Because where I come from,
everything is transparent
And everyone’s gotten greedier
Masks are for the weak
The naked roams the street

No one fears death
No one counts their days
Glitter on our eyes shows no remorse
We find comfort where moral’s transformed

Memories are stored within numbers
Each and every one in an instant
Easily deciphered
Easily deleted

We all dance above our grand achievements
Blinded by arrogance
We are tired, but we keep going
Our feet hopping on the ruins we’ve created
As if unaware of the trails of blood cross lining
We have forgotten a lot
But we act like we deserve to make our own laws

Now you need to hold on to the good
Because it is scarce nowadays
And be strong, the bright hearts
The worst has yet to come


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