He’s a psychopath
Dressed in apology
“What does your heart say?” they ask
“How can you tell?” he asks back
His big smile attracts money
His words are romantic poetry

Shoo the dark clouds
The sky opens up
And a ray of light shines upon him
“Look! An angel!”

Freezing cold December
The knife found its way to the woman’s apartment
Now buried deep inside her flesh
More of his masterpiece

Flickering light on the hallway
In a distance there’s a scream
And him standing there
With an old man on a wheelchair
Blood streams from his empty eye sockets
His mouth wide open, straining his wrinkles

His basement a slaughterhouse
They’re gagged and bound

But we all love him
King of the lonely
Beautiful mind unstoppable
Such a rare specimen

Let’s lock our doors
But not our hearts


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