If I Have To Be Honest

Are you there?
Am I being spied on?
Is somebody watching while I’m typing?

Say yes
Cause I want to tell you
About my wishes
About what’s holding me back
And I want you to know
I want someone to know
That I’m too afraid to state my dreams

A long list of dreams…

I’ve been keeping these desires at bay
Too much of a coward to look at them in the eye
And yes, this has been keeping me safe
But nothing good comes from it
This room has made me too comfortable
I’ve become too good at not caring

This has been going on for too long
I want to get out

But I can’t stop the images from painting themselves
of what might happen to this loser
who doesn’t know much
of what’s the worst that could happen
I’m not built for any of that
I can’t leave this mess without anyone knowing
There’s too many wrongs I have to fix here

So I have to stay
I want to stay


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