If bending the space and time is imaginable, then it must be possible to do. So I just wrote something completely random and I’m going to post it

What’s good?
A child and all his monsters,
playing as if the doctor’s not present

Paying the sins of those responsible,
bless the heart of the hard workers

All the corrupt leaders,
who know what really matters

Where’s the next stop?
all aboard the train of thoughts

Complainer’s DNA in my system
with delusions enveloping my mechanism

All the people together
But we may never see the brighter corner

Ah, right
I am by no means a genius
Or even a tiny bit smart for that matter

Hey what’s that over there?
Is that a new, fresh from the oven spicy meme?
Let me consume it
devour it
overuse it
and cringe myself to sleep


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