Make them glow, my friend
The sea and the misty roads
the moon-kissed hollow
With a lighthouse that guides sailors home
your loved one who misses you behind their window
you’re not alone

Set off under the stars
among the footsteps of those before us
A good heart you’ve got
heart that will deliver you far

Keep walking, my friend
Eyes will stare and mouths will tell
whatever they want, they’d find a way
And so would you, for sure
Might be narrow, steep and perilous
Might seem like you’d lose
Who knows where this path will lead you
There’s no telling, we’re all just fools
But always remember,
take one step after another
little by little

There will be a somewhere
a somewhen
a fate woven by The Norns
where the wind settles low
where it’s the end of one road
And you will look back
where your traces are left
and each brightly glows
on every place you have roamed

You will glow, my friend
like the fireflies in a forest murky
or millions of bioluminescent algae
at night where darkness lets them be seen

Glow, like the stars where I now reside
among those before us


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